Always have a plan B!

After many months of looking forward to a Skeet and Golf RV park, we finally get the conformation. The park sent it to us at 830…PM…on a Friday.

Naturally this is not a big deal, except they close the doors at 5 for the weekend. We look up the site number on the map, and get a little nervous about the location. Chatted online, found some answers, prayed a bit, and decided to go ahead with the reservation.

Pull into the spot at 3 pm on Sunday, in the rain. Easy setup and plenty of space for the trailer, but not for the truck. Good news, there was a big parking lot right off the nose of the RV. Bad news, the pedestal box was in disarray.

Our circuit tester said bad, the breakers were wrong, and I was afraid to flip any switches. We did hook into another site for a while as we debated on staying or leaving. We found nobody in the park to help rectify the electrical problem and there was at least one more person checking in that night. We looked for another site to get into, but with no guidance to be found, we decided it was in our best interest to go to plan B.

We packed up and left that park, and headed elsewhere.

2 points to take from this. ALWAYS check your plugs and Always have a plan B.

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