Naps, Siestas and Full-Time Work

September 2, 2022

These days, many career fields or jobs are stressful. Folks are so busy and trying to do more with less, both in life and in business. Many jobs allow for a lunch break of 20 minutes to an hour, so learning to capitalize on this has been something I have done since I had this privilege added to my work day.

I have used it for errands, chores, fitness, social time, and more recently, naps.

In fact, for years as a teacher, I’ve taken naps during my lunch window. Even though it was only 15-20 minutes, it was amazingly refreshing and gave me quiet down time for the afternoon. I’d have a blanket or mat (and later a couch, when I had non-traditional seating in my classroom) as well as a timer and calming music or app. I’d turn out the lights and stretch out. Since I didn’t eat during this time, I opted for protein shakes for lunch that I could drink while walking to pick them up or around the classroom. Now, I do the same thing with teaching from home. I actually block off a Siesta Hour if my schedule allows, and I can get a workout, cleaned up, meal prep, cleaning, some family time as well as my nap tended to and be focused for the afternoon. I also like to do a brain dump session before I stretch out, too, so everything on my mind is written down to come back to.

There are so many studies out there that support the idea of a siesta, naps or these brain breaks in the middle of the day for our mental and physical health, as well as for successfully finishing our day.

So, what changes can you make to your day to start working in a siesta or a nap?

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