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Our Travel Planner is a comprehensive travel planner designed FOR travelers, BY travelers. We have experienced travel by planes, trains, automobiles and with RVs in tow. Our biggest frustrations have happened when we couldn’t find travel information, couldn’t access it when we needed it, or had to have several different resources out.

Our Travel Planner for 2024 was designed to combine all those resources into one compact book that can fit easily into a backpack, purse, carry-on or even your glove box, and takes up less space when planning in a small area.

Video overview of Our Travel Planner

Our Travel Planner contains several useful sections:

  • Important Information page allows you to have all your vehicle(s) information including Tag information and measurements
  • Memberships and Passes page allows you to have a quick list for travel planning and check in purposes
  • Year-At-A-Glance pages gives you a place to plug in the major events of your year such as appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, and non-negotiable commitments to plan around
  • Month-At-A-Glance pages for each month allows you to quick reference dates while planning. These pages are organized with weekends together since many travel or move on weekends. A notes section is also included on each month for additional things you may need to add, like those YAG big events! (more info on the MAG sections below)
  • Maintenance Reminders and Records pages will help you keep track of your vehicles to keep them in top performance
  • The Mileage page will allow you to track the miles for each trip, or month, depending on your needs
  • For Campers, there is a Departure and Arrival checklist to guide you, or to inspire you while you create your own consumable checklist
  • The Holiday List gives you a quick peak if you need to find a specific holiday or glance by month
  • Notes pages are available if you need to add information there isn’t a section for
  • In Each Monthly section, you will also find:
    • Reservations pages for the details of your stay, whether it is one stop, or several
    • To See and Do pages for recommendations and researched spots to visit while in that area, and right with your travel information so you don’t forget where you put it
    • Budget and Spent pages to track your finances while traveling, whether you use it for your entire budget as a full-time or part-time traveler, or just for your vacation budget

We hope that Our Travel Planner will be as useful and convenient to you as it has been for us, and that you share with your fellow travelers as well as purchase a new one each year. May it take the stress out of travel days and road trips so you can enjoy your destination a little bit more.

Safe travels and we hope to see you out there!

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