Camping Without Gear – Campground Cabins and Tiny Homes

June 3, 2022

Campgrounds have been making that outdoor lifestyle available for people who don’t own gear, but many people aren’t even aware that there are options out there.

While purchasing tents, campers, and all the gear needed for these adventures can be costly and take up storage space you may not have, there are other options.

Many of your campgrounds and parks that allow camping have added cabins and tiny houses in recent years that come fully equipped with everything but the fun, and include access to on site amenities–just bring your food and clothes.

While the prices can range from $50 a night for a simple cabin to $150 a night for a fully equipped tiny house and up, depending on location, time of year and amenities included. There are campgrounds and parks near many places you may be visiting to sight see or visit family, for a cross country road trip, or even seasonal visits for travel or work (some let you rent by the month for extended stays, but there may be additional costs for utilities, so be sure to check).

While researching this option, be sure to check what features and supplies are included in your cabin rental. Also, be sure to check on whether pets are allowed as many will only allow service animals. We have stayed in some that were just a structure with beds, AC and lights, and a porch, but there are others that have full kitchens and include all linens and dishes, just like a hotel or Airbnb would have.

If you find a camping chain you like, look into memberships. KOA and Good Sam’s, for example, earn you discounts with your memberships. State and National Parks also have memberships that can help with your rates, as well, so be sure to look into all options to see what is best for you and your camping party.

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