Summer Shenanigans

We have started a southern run as of Sunday!
As of now we are in Peace River area for a week to stage before heading farther south! (June 19-26)
Next stop will be in dark sky area. (June 26-29) Midway campground in the Everglades for a few days. We are looking forward to using the telescope and long exposures for sky photos.
(June 29-July 10) July will see us into Sunshine Key Rv Resort near mile marker 38. This is near Big Pine Key and Bahia Honda. We will have to drive down to Key West at least once, and probably taking the bikes considering it would be good transportation for the day.
(July 10-13) Lion Country KOA July 10th–more information to come on this one!
(July 13-17) Jonathan Dickinson State Park for a few days.

A lot of planning and doing but much to see!

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