Making the Most of Your Mother’s Day – Taking A Page From Minimalism

May 6, 2022

Since embracing a minimalist lifestyle, I have cut way back on what I do for the “hallmark holidays” and focus on the meaning of days. Mother’s Day is one of them. Sure, I love to be taken to dinner, get cute crafts, or a spa day gift certificate as much as the next person, but I don’t like the obligation of it on a day. I feel that gifting should be inspired by what we see and who we think of, or simply wanting to do something kind for another.

With that in mind, I have been contemplating Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. We are at our home base for a few weeks, and our youngest is always with us, but will be here for Mother’s Day near my oldest son as well as both my, and my husband’s, moms, and his grandmother is now local. We will also be traveling over both our mom’s birthdays this year and will miss those, so I figure we should make these count. Brainstorming what to do, and how to spoil all the moms and still see my babies has been challenging.

It also got me thinking about what I want for Mother’s Day. Truth is, not much. In fact, What I want most is to spend time with my family and be unplugged, letting them plan the day, take the pictures and staying off of the digital devices that Lord over us. Tonight, I am getting to have dinner and hang out with both my boys–perfection!

So I challenge all of you non-mom’s to plan a way to spoil your moms with meaning–take their devices and do something special while YOU document it. If you are stumped for ideas beyond the typical taking her out for a meal or for something that doesn’t cost a lot, here’s a few, including some if your mom is not nearby or no longer with us and you want to do something for another mom that may be alone:

  • go for a walk at a local garden or park
  • pack a picnic
  • bake or cook a family recipe together
  • go out for ice cream or dessert
  • create a scavenger hunt for her with clues to figure out for places to visit–either around the house, or to drive her to and spoil her
  • go through scrapbooks and family albums together
  • visit a nursing home or retirement community and spend time with mom’s there (many have loved ones far away or that just don’t visit)
  • make a movie or slideshow of pictures and memories of the two of you
  • craft or create something together
  • make a play list of her favorite songs and download it to her device
  • go to a local animal shelter with a donation and volunteer to spend time with the animals or some other need at the facility
  • paint her nails
  • take care of a project she has wanted done but can’t or hasn’t been able to do
  • sing her a song
  • write her a poem and read it to her, then gift it to her framed
  • play board games or video games, or go to an arcade
  • a phone call and a long chat

Whatever you do, realize it isn’t about the day on the calendar or how much (or little) you spend! You could gift her all these things over several weeks and months as a continuous outpouring of love. Mom’s like that, even if they never say it. And they love it more when it isn’t on an obligatory holiday or doesn’t cost you money.

Moms just want time together with their babies, no matter the age, to make memories. Don’t forget to take pictures for her and share them with her, whether it’s on social media or a frame for her to remember.

I’d love to see those memories you make, so share them on social media with the hashtag #MeaningfulMothersDay so I can see them…Monday when I plug back in. I’ll be spending time with the mom’s and kiddos in my life!

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