I’m Just Tired This Week

April 28, 2022

This has been one of those weeks. I’m just tired. Nothing stressful. Nothing major going on. Not overly busy. In fact, probably quite the opposite. Work is going smoothly. Sleeping fine. Family time has been great and plentiful. I wake up feeling refreshed.

On the other hand, I’m sleeping a little bit later than normal. And I’m totally unmotivated to do stuff. I have a to do list, a dinner menu and over a dozen blog post drafts from ideas floating through my head.

But when I open the pages to write, the words just don’t make sense.

The to do list has gone MIA and the dinner menu still has those items in the freezer, uncooked. We had bigger lunches than planned and just grazed for dinner instead. Which I do kinda prefer anyway.

Some weeks are just like that, and we just learn to go with the flow.

I’ve gotten outside for bike rides and walks, listening to a great audio book just released by Joshua Becker, and enjoying nature. There’s even been a couple much needed naps.

It has been the first really warm week we’ve had in Central Florida this season. So I can blame the weather, right?

It’s also the first week in awhile we haven’t filled our to do list with lots of outings, appointments and work commitments.

If this is something you go through, I just thought I’d share that you are not alone. And it doesn’t mean something is wrong. Sometimes the soul just needs some extra rest, so it slows the body down a bit.

So I will enjoy the extra sleep and slower pace, enjoy the stroll, and save those meals for later. I’ll make a mental note of what I am feeling and then, next week, begin again.

In the meantime, Happy Friday Eve. Thanks for reading and more to come on life and learning next week.

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