The Best Lunch Break – Walking Through the Woods

April 4, 2022

Last week we stayed at the Peace River RV and Camping Resort in Wauchula (south Central Florida) that is along the Peace River. It is a beautiful area with varying lengths of hiking trails, and we decided to take our lunch outside to enjoy it.

It was one of those late spring Florida days that are cool in the morning and warm during the day, but not so humid that you are miserable. We packed some sandwiches into a Tupperware box, filled our water bottles and stopped at the camp store for some chips before heading out for the 1.5 mile trek.

It meanders in and out of the trees, bouncing between the river and campsites. Being midday, we saw insects, birds and squirrels, alligators and fish in the river, and evidence of wild boar, but no other wildlife. A variety of trees and plants played up the midday sunlight and were stunning.

We stopped along the clear river and enjoyed our lunch. It looks like the spot we chose was a popular spot and someone had attempted to make a lean-to from branches and palm fronds.

Today the river was moving quickly, but clear enough, even with the brown-tinge, to see the various sandbars and rocks along the bottom. Sitting along the banks, rock and sand were carved by higher water levels and faster currents. It was clear this is the dry season and this shallow and wadable stream could be a powerful force of nature. Some families were panning for shark’s teeth and other treasures along some of the sand and gravel bars. We hope to get out there and try our luck before we leave.

While we were only out there for an hour, it was certainly an enjoyable break in the day’s work. We returned a few more times over the week, especially to look for shells and fossils. We found a great one of a plant and it came home with us.

There were a few other places we ventured out to explore along the Peace River nearby–Pioneer Park Animal Refuge and Pioneer Museum and Payne’s Creek Historical State Park. We learned a lot about this area, and enjoyed the peaceful area, and that it hasn’t been inundated with development. I look forward to a return visit and many more walks in the trees to see how it changes with the seasons.

What is your favorite outdoor lunch memory? I’d love to hear about it! Until next time, follow or interact with me on Twitter @AddictedtoTeac1

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