Catching Up – Changes to the Blog, and Life

December 9, 2021

It’s been awhile since I blogged. Life has been going 90 miles an hour with family and teaching, as well as doors opening for new chapters in life. So, let me catch you up!

At the end of October, we took a week off and traveled to the mountains to Helen, Georgia, one of our favorite little towns! This time we took my dad with us and we all had a great time enjoying the cooler weather. On our way home, we stopped to see my brother and his family, then stopped at Amicalola Falls, but it was too foggy to even see Springer Mountain. I have always dreamed of the AT and was hoping for a day hike to see the official start, but we could barely see through the lodge window. We also stopped at Stone Mountain, which was amazingly beautiful. I hadn’t been since I was a kid and it has changed so much.

In November, we decided to take a leap of faith and check off some dreams. We are selling our home, moving into an RV and will home base at some family’s property nearby when we aren’t traveling. We love Florida and have seen many places, but there are several we have never seen and some we have always dreamed of living in. So we will be traveling around the state to see them all, as well as allowing my husband to grow his photography business and pursue other goals for it. My son and I will continue to work and school remotely since my job allows me to work anywhere in Florida, so it’s perfect!

So now…we have purchased a camper and are in the process of selling everything we own that won’t go with us, and storing only a few hard to replace or things we will definitely need. Don’t worry, the 2 dogs and tortoise will be going with us! The chickens will have to find another home, though. Our house goes on the market this week and, once it’s sold, we will get some things done to the RV so we can live and work in it, then hit the road. We’ve been dreaming of this for at least 6 years, so we know it won’t be easy, but we have back up plans!

As for the blog…I love teaching and won’t be leaving anytime soon, but probably won’t be putting out as much content. I will create more based on teaching while traveling and share resources from the places we go that may be useful to teaching. I have always dreamed of being a travel writer, so plan on blogging about our adventures. That means I will create a new blog just for that, and will be able to showcase some of the mister’s amazing pictures! I’ll keep you all posted in case you want to follow along there and learn more about Florida!

If you’re like most of our family and friends that found out what we are doing, you have questions! Post them in the comments below or follow me on Twitter (@addictedtoteac1) to find out more.

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