Productivity Trick: 6 Tasks List

June 28, 2022

If you are like me, there are times where you feel either constantly overwhelmed, busy and yet not as productive and more added than removed to your to do list, or you slow down to a creepy crawl–especially in summer with less commitments. I struggle to find a good in between mode.

As an educator, I have learned to use summer as a “new year” reset and try out new habits and set new resolutions. This time is nice since I can move a little slower without school and extra curriculars to manage.

Many years ago, I tried my hand at being a Mary Kay lady. I was never much of a make up wearer, so I didn’t stay long. But I learned some amazing habits. One of those is about the Million Dollar list–or 6 things to do list.

Studies found that highly successful people used this method and it resulted in productivity.

I put it into play with my Mary Kay business, and soon found myself using it as a daily starter for every day.

I still do this now, although I don’t always write it down. When I wake up, but before I get out of bed, I make that mental list of what needs done, then I get moving. When I used a day planner, I put the things on the day. I have also used my smart phone reminder app and just set dates (especially if I knew I had a task to do on a certain day). These days, I may use a legal pad or post it note. I’ve even been known to make them as Honey-Do Lists for my husband or son if there are things they need to get done!

Some days the list gets longer, some days it doesn’t. Some days, things get moved to tomorrow’s list since they didn’t get done.

So I challenge you, over your morning cup of coffee or tea, instead of scrolling through social media, make a list of your 6 things to do today and don’t stop until they are done, if possible.

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