Hinnant Family Vineyards – Harvest Host

November 26, 2022

While traveling recently, we had a long drive between destinations, so made use of our Harvest Host/Boondocker’s Welcome Membership and stopped for an overnight stay at Hinnant Family Vineyards.

This is a beautiful location conveniently located just off of I-95 in central North Carolina. They have an easy to access parking area for RVs with a beautiful view of the vineyard. The large grassy field was near the road, yet quiet at night. It was easy to maneuver into a parking position and the area was level. They are pet friendly and we enjoyed walking our pups around for a stretch.

They are closely located to shops and restaurants, should you need to get supplies. While there are no hookups, you are able to run a generator there, should you need to. We enjoyed a quiet evening watching the beautiful moonrise and rose early to watch the sunrise over the vineyard. Both were spectacular.

They offer wine tastings, if you arrive early enough. Unfortunately, there was a power outage that closed them early due to an accident the day we stopped, so we didn’t get to participate. But they were gracious and called us in advance to let us know about it and the road closure so we could safely get there around it, and were kind enough to have someone wait there for us to arrive, even though they closed early.

Reservations at the time we booked were done via phone and not the app, so be sure to check closely and communicate. They do need reservations in advance, so you cannot just show up and stay.

This was only our second Harvest Host experience, but a very good one. We hope to visit again when they are open on a future trip.

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Roos and Coos Farm & Harvest Hosts – Our First Experience With Both

May 24, 2022

Last month, we had our first Harvest Hosts experience at a local farm called Roos and Coos Farm. First of all, if you don’t know what Harvest Host is, it is an RV membership that allows you to stay overnight for free and locations all over the US. They can be farms, wineries, breweries, museums and much more. They won’t have hookups so you will have to boondock (camp unplugged with what your RV can provide or a generator, if allowed) but it is a great chance to experience some neat places.

Roos and Coos Farm is in Plant City, Florida and is a rescue. Marlene, our host, is very friendly and kind, to both people and the animals she cares for. She told us they had all sorts of animals when her kids were growing up and took in pets of friends, as well. They have turned it into a non-profit rescue and provide homes to all kinds. We saw a variety of animals including Watusi cattle, Coos cow, sheep, kangaroo, raccoons and many others. They were just finishing up a new aviary when we visited and we hope to return to see the finished product.

There was a nice size area for our 36 foot 5th wheel, however, the road is narrow with no turn around and the gate access isn’t large, so be sure you are a confident driver since there is no turn around and it is a one way street.

It was quiet and peaceful. We enjoyed it, as did our pups since it is pet friendly!

There are places to eat and visit nearby. We ventured over to Keel and Kurley Winery, another Harvest Host location, for a drink then hung out at the farm.

Whether you want to camp or just want to visit while passing through, tours are available by appointment, so reach out and schedule, it is worth the stop. There is no cost, but they do accept donations to support the animals, and they have an amazon wish list, if you want to support them.

We look forward to so many other Harvest Host locations in our travels!



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