First Attempt at Empanadas – My Kid Thinks I’m Amazing

April 4, 2023

My eleven year old son recently discovered a love of Empanadas while at the RV show and has been asking us to try and learn to make our own so he can choose his own fillings. After researching online and reaching out to fellow friends with a love of cooking, including those with a gift for Spanish dishes, and found out that there are premade shells in the freezer!

When we hit up the grocery store this weekend, I found them, so we gave it a try.

He really only wanted chicken and cheese. We cooked a chicken breast in our instant pot, shred it with a fork, added in some Lowry’s seasoning, minced onion, bacon bits and shredded cheeses (we blended the end of some bags we needed to finish) and-voila!-we had a stuffing! I’m not a measurer, so couldn’t tell you how much of each.

We added a small amount to the shell, folded it over and pressed to seal the edges with a fork. We then remembered we needed to press the air out and to use a bit of water to help the seams, so finished the rest this way. Then we fried them in canola oil.

They turned out better than expected! (Our family’s motto when it comes to trying new dishes is “there’s always take out” so we aren’t afraid) We did decide that the flour shell did mute the flavors so we needed to add a lot more seasoning and cheese.

We were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and will definitely make these again for a quick meal. Even being in the RV, it was pretty easy!

What is a meal you took on the challenge to learn? How did it go? Let me know in the comments below!

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