RVing with a Portable Dog Fence

April 22, 2023

We have been RVing for over a year now and have been “on the fence” about getting a portable dog fence.

Our pups loved having a yard to run around in and have missed that. But with Molly, our senior doxie, a reactor to some vaccines and cannot get them, it means we limit contact for both of them and avoid dog parks. That means they are on a leash if they are outside, or on their tie out if we are all out.

We have also had issues with some park resident’s pets either escaping or just being off leash, and wandering into our site. Since Luna and I were attacked a couple of years ago by a loose dog, we are very skittish. We like the idea of that additional barrier for when they, and we, are enjoying time outside.

On the other hand, it is extra money to spend and inventory to carry around. Some parks have limitations on height, or even if you can have them, so it is something else to think about. And since we move every week or two, it is an extra chore and time on set up and break down.

After going back and forth on it, we decided to give it a try, especially when we found an inexpensive option from Tractor supply (8 24″ panels with a gate were $39 at the time of this blog). We picked up two of them and set them up.

This particular set isn’t the sturdiest and doesn’t stake into the ground like some more expensive options, but it is extremely lightweight, folds up compactly, and works well for our little dogs. We opted to go around the back of our steps, so the two sets give them a good amount of space and they can go down the steps on their own if we leave the doors open on a nice day. The girls have enjoyed the freedom to be off leash. It is also light enough to be used indoors, a great option for when we travel and stay with friends or family and want to limit how far they can go or what they can get into.

We are currently at a park that doesn’t allow fencing, but, because it is lightweight and compact, it was easy to move them out of the way and set up. I’d love to get another set or two to give them more area and fence in our entire under awning area, but not sure we want to spend the money or have the cargo.

So, if you are like us and not sure, start with the less expensive option and only one set for a month or so. It will be a small investment and you can always add more panels or upgrade to another set once you have had a chance to try it.

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Life Lessons from a Dog: Luna and the Cone

January 22, 2020

Luna and her Cone

Luna is our newest family member.  We adopted her in August, a couple of months after our oldest doxie, Angel, passed away.  Molly, our remaining doxie, was quite lonely without her lifelong pal and our 9-year-old son had desperately wanted a dog to be both a cuddle buddy and a playmate. Our lifestyle doesn’t accommodate large dogs, despite my dreaming, and my allergies are often a source of contention. So, when we found Luna, a 3-month-old shih-poo (shih tzu mixed with poodle), she was a perfect fit for that tall order. Her energy has been a source of stress for Molly and Reba, my dad’s dog that joined the household a couple months later, and she has kept us laughing as she has learned to be a dog from them and find her place in the family. We continuously work on her basic commands—she’s a total work in progress.

The week we brought her home – she wasn’t much bigger than our Guinea pig

Last week, she reached the 6-month milestone, and it was time for her to be spayed, plus she had a toe that needed tended to, so this was the perfect time. She came home, groggy, and unhappy, and in a cone with orders to wear it for the next 2 weeks until she returned to have stitches removed.  We, like many houses, call it her “Cone of Shame”, much like Dug from Up.  If you haven’t seen it, here’s a quick clip of Dug and his Cone of Shame.

The ride home from the vet after surgery. I was not her favorite hooman

In typical puppy fashion, when they don’t like something, the struggle to escape it—and she struggled hard.  After a day or two, though, she stopped and accepted it, learning to do all the things she loved with it, and even adapting it to her advantage for scooping up toys, treats and food. It even proved a great assistant for digging, her favorite hobby.

As I sat with her this morning, it occurred to me how much I can learn from this little fluffy ball of cuteness and energy, which brings me to this posting.  Life rarely goes as we envision it. The older we get, the more our conversations shift from our dreams and aspirations to the things we always wanted to do but had to sacrifice. Sometimes it leaves us frustrated, sad, or even bitter because of the void of what we feel is missing from our lives. I know I get that way from time to time, especially after all the obstacles 2020 brought us.

It’s always a good time to play – bringing me her toy this morning, in the hopes of a good tug and toss session

And then I realized that, if we embrace our challenges like Luna, accepting it and learning to use it to our advantage, we can be happy just the way we are, possibly happier.  I dreamed of traveling this beautiful country and around the world, but life keeps changing the course of that plan, no matter how hard I try to get back to it.  But life is pretty good most days. I have my faith, family, friends, a career I love that makes a difference, however small, and amazing memories of travels I have experienced, as well as books, movies and shows to watch to continue to learn about all the places I dream about. And I have a puppy, that is growing into one amazing dog, to sit beside me while I enjoy them, walk with me while I explore locally, and beg for a bite of every tasty experience I enjoy.  Thanks, Luna, for teaching me something today and inspiring me to share it with you.

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