Should You Customize Your RV?

October 7, 2022

When I first ventured into the RV life, I watched a lot of videos and read a lot of blogs from social media. There are some beautifully customized RVs that people have shared that are inspiring. But should you customize yours? Here are some things to ask yourself before you do.

AGE OF RV If you are purchasing an older RV (10+ years) chances are it needs a refresh. Many RVs at this age range will sell for very little since many parks don’t allow them in, so the crowd of people in the market for it will be smaller. However, if it is a newer RV (5 or less years) it may still be a desired model or floorplan. If you are looking for one to completely customize and a skoolie isn’t an option, definitely find one that is older or in need of repairs already.

HOW LONG YOU’VE HAD IT Taking time to live in a space to see how it works can be very helpful, but if you set out to customize it before you’ve lived in it, beware. This is especially true with a model that is less than 3 years old.

HOW LONG YOU’LL KEEP IT If you know you will keep this RV for 5 or more years because that his how long you have always kept your RVs, you should be safe to customize. But if this is your first RV, or you’ve changed rigs often, don’t get in a rush. Sometimes a particular RV fits our life for a season of life, then it is time to change to something else. Keeping it in the original fittings is a good idea to get the most on your resale or trade.

FLOORPLANS AND FEATURES Many people shop by models for a particular floorplan or features and finding modifications done to them can be frustrating, or worse when trying to find a needle in a haystack if it is a hard to find option. What is desirable to you and your family’s lifestyle and taste may not suit someone else, so be aware before you change too much.

RV DEPRECIATION RVs are vehicles, and vehicles depreciate quickly, but RVs seem to do so even more, especially in the overinflated market we’ve been in during the pandemic. What you don’t realize is that customizations can result in a greater depreciation because it can be harder to sell with changed features. When we made changes to ours for our lifestyle, we didn’t make them permanent so we could put those items we removed or changed back with little effort and expense if we ever sell or trade it.

UPKEEP Sometimes making changes can result in more work for you. Many people paint their RVs but don’t talk about all the touch ups needed. And since it may not be an RV specific part you may find it challenging to repair. Doing things “on a budget” may look great, but will they hold up to daily life or moving your rig? Everytime you drive your RV, it is like going through an earthquake–make sure you are using RV durable products to avoid further damage.

Don’t think I am trying to talk you out of making your home on wheels perfect for your family–I am not! A personalized space will make it so much more enjoyable for your family and the experiences you seek with the RV lifestyle. Just take your time in thinking and deciding. Happy Camping!

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