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August 2, 2022

QR codes will vary in design, like a fingerprint

Whenever I can find something that will make my teaching life better, I am all for learning it. So when I learned about generating QR codes several years ago, and figured out how to apply them in my classroom, I was thrilled!

If you don’t know what a QR code is, it is a funny looking square box you scan with a camera on a smart phone and it links you to a website (see the image included for an example from my husband’s photography business). They are a kind of fingerprint since it is customized to whatever you link it to, so they will all look slightly different.

Many restaurants and businesses have been using these during the pandemic, and news outlets are starting to put them on their TV commercials to link to stories online. They are quick and convenient!

So, that leaves two questions–how to create them and how to use them in a classroom.

HOW TO CREATE QR CODES First, digitally create your product that you want to share. This could be a video, form, worksheet, checklist, story, instructions, etc. Then, be sure it is saved online and can be shared publicly. Finally, go to a QR code generating website. There are many to choose from. I like but there are many to choose from with a quick online search. Also, if you are using a program, some of them have built in QR code generators with your subscription, so check those out!

APPLICATIONS IN THE CLASSROOM These are many and endless! I love using them at orientation for my parents. I create a video welcoming them and sharing information, another with a tour of the classroom and procedures, one with a form for their contact information, a list of supplies needed, an overview of the curriculum, resources to support them at home or if the yare struggling, my contact information–then have QR codes on a grab and go sheet, or posted to scan and save to view later (it opens a new browser for each scan, so will keep it open for them until they close it out). This makes those chats go faster. Instead of answering all questions or letting them give me little Pat’s background, I tell them that, for privacy, I’d rather not discuss in a group, but to preview my video, then use the contact info to email/text me when they’ve finished it and tell me about little Pat (I like to call it a parent homework and “Your Child in 100 words or less”).

I have also used this to link to a how to video for student independent work or group projects, if you have a technology rich classroom. If you are using a digital classroom, a QR code could be scanned to access their lesson or assignment, a Padlet or Flipgrid, or whatever ticket out the door you’d like them to do, so it is already created and just needs filled in.

If you work with other teachers or professionals, this can be a great follow up for them to scan for handouts, Flipgrid or Padlets built into the training or meeting, ticket out the door, goody bag resources, and so on.

How can you use this in your classroom? Be sure to share below!

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