My Daily Bucket List That Keeps Me Productive

December 16, 2022

A neatly made bed means I’ve done something today!

On this eve of winter break, my thoughts are turning to New Years and the resolutions and habits I want to change, start or stop. I like to use breaks as a chance to change these habits and establish routines for when I go back to work. One of the things I found is to have a daily bucket list of things that must get done every day, at some point.

This concept came about slowly and I’ve been doing it off and on for awhile, until I finally made it official last year as part of my new year. I have many of these as tasks on a checklist to help me.

Some are things that must get done, some are things I often avoid or don’t have to do daily, but have found it’s much quicker if I do. Some of them are weekly tasks, but I have a spot for them daily and just rotate what I do.

It doesn’t take long to get messy, but a few minutes each day can clear this off and make sure we don’t forget something that needs done.

This daily list includes the basic hygiene things like brushing teeth, taking medicines, getting dressed and brushing my hair. This also includes making my bed. But I also include things like clearing counters, washing the dishes, sweeping the floors, working out, taking the dogs out for walks, taking a nap and daily devotions and prayers. I rotate in other chores like paying bills, mopping, laundry, groceries and meal prep and decluttering that don’t need done daily but do need done regularly.

After awhile, they become automatic and I don’t always need a checklist, but it helps on those mopey days to still feel like I did something.

About a year and a half ago, I started incorporating this into work and created a task list for work items and it has made a huge difference, whether it is a busy or a slow day. I blogged about it in September of 2021, check it out here Using Your Inbox As a Task List to find out more.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, corporate worker, stay at home parent, self-employed, entrepreneur, retired or a college student–routines help us be productive, which sets a positive tone for our lives. Finding a routine, however small, is beneficial. It also leads to productivity and accomplishing all the goals you set out for. Don’t be afraid to do this with children either, since it can help them become independent and take things off of your list. Start small with just one or two things, then check in with yourself once a week or month and see how it’s going and what tweaks you may need to make to improve the process.

I’d love to know more about your goals or resolutions, or trouble areas you struggle with. Like and comment here, of find me on Social Media! I’m on Instagram and TikTok, and you can follow our travel journey on Facebook and TikTok.

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Our Must Do’s While Traveling

December 7, 2022

Travelers have different approaches to how they plan what they will do on their excursions, however long or short they may be. I used to be a “squeeze it all in” kind of traveler, but found myself both exhausted and broke.

When we set out into the RV life, we heard one of the biggest mistakes was living like you were on vacation and doing the same thing long term, often ending the journey early. We decided we weren’t going to be those people.

We usually try to plan only one or two major things, and we only plan one thing a day. This allows us time to explore and not feel rushed.

But, more importantly, we have a set checklist for every place we go for what we plan to do. Our go-to activities for every stop are:

  • a geocache
  • a local brewery
  • a local restaurant
  • a nature trail, gardens, zoo, or state or national park

With this list in mind, we research online, talk to locals we know in advance or meet on site about what they like to do or recommend. This also saves us money since many of these things can be free or inexpensive with a little research.

We have Zoo passes that get us access to AZA zoos across the country.

In Florida, we have a Bok Tower Gardens membership that has reciprocity with many others as well.

We are working on geocaching in every state. If you don’t know what geocaching is, check it out at and get in on the fun!

We also collect stickers or bar coasters for our wall at every brewery and get to taste so many local flavors. Plus they make a great display on our wall (we do have to put the place and date on them since we are starting to forget where they all were).

We are working on visiting every state park in our home state of Florida, and all the National Parks in the US, although they will take us awhile! We have met some amazing people along the way and discovered things we would never have known about.

What are your go-to’s when traveling? I’d love to hear. Comment below or find me on social media!

Like or comment below, and share with others to support the blog. I post weekly about teaching, traveling and family. Until next time, you can find me on Tiktok @sonya.BOMSquadleader , on Instagram at sonya_barnes_a2t , or our adventures at, Facebook & TikTok at @BarnesOnMove

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